Develop the core skills of a buyer-focused sell without taking time away from the office

A foundational programme for anyone in sales. Learn key skills and develop the confidence to apply them consistently; improving your performance and results! A blended digital programme designed to run over 8 weeks, with over 20 hours of content plus project work.  Modern learning with human touchpoints and plenty of interactive elements.

What’s involved:

  • 13 module programme split into 92 bite sized lessons. Allowing for greater flexibility in consumption.
  • A truly modern learning experience that blends digital and traditional avenues seamlessly.
  • Grading and feedback at each step from some  of New Zealand’s best sales coaches.
  • Development of an action plan, along with an application project which focuses your new skills back into your role on a real piece of work, that will benefit you and your organisation.
  • Checkpoints with your real world leader to ensure the training is on track and being applied correctly.

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand buyer psychology, allowing you to move away from a product focus to a proven customer-centric sales process
  • Plan ahead, create effective opening statements and know what outcomes you need from each client opportunity
  • Build rapport and connection quickly and easily
  • Make questions conversational to motivate a buyer and get a handle on your customer’s needs
  • Confidently articulate your value proposition and understand how to communicate benefits
  • Create urgency in your customer
  • Deal with pushback and objections with ease, gaining commitment in a confident and conversational manner
  • Develop more productive behaviour through time and self-management
  • Have the confidence to apply these skills consistently to improve your performance and results!

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