12 Tips of (a great customer experience) Christmas
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  • 12 Dec 2013

We’ve hit December and the countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway! It’s even more important to deliver a great customer experience in what is likely to be a crazy time for you in your business.

So this will be the last tip for the year as you focus on really putting into practice all of the tips covered over the past few months to maximise the opportunities this time of the year offers.

So, here’s a final reminder (in a fun way) of some key things you and your team can do to deliver awesome customer experiences:

  1. Take time to make eye contact – it will let your customers know you’re engaged.
  2. Answer questions with a smile – even the really dumb ones!
  3. Keep exceeding expectations – don’t just do it, do it better than you have done it before.
  4. Act like you’re having a great day – even when you’re not!
  5. People like you more if you share some common ground – start a conversation to find it.
  6. You are the company – your grooming, body language and tone of voice all matter.
  7. Nobody likes to complain – so if they do, be prepared to listen and try to put things right.
  8. All people in the company play a part in delivering an outstanding customer experience.
  9. Excellence is a moving target – track your progress so you can see you are improving (or not).
  10. Make sure your customer service policy is posted where everyone can see it.
  11. Ask if there is anything more you can do – you might be surprised by the answer.
  12. Smile! It says “welcome” and “have a great day” in every language ever spoken.

Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year from the David Forman team.