Tailored Training

Every day we create customised programmes to meet an organisation’s specific needs. We tailor the content to reflect your business environment and specifically meet your staff’s unique development needs.                

Learning and development solutions need to reflect the diversity required to meet the challenges of today’s knowledge economy. At David Forman, our highly experienced facilitators will combine strong business acumen with an excellent understanding of adult learning and a hefty dose of pragmatism to create a fully-tailored programme that is custom designed to meet your specific learning and organisational objectives. This may include aspects of a variety of our public programmes, or it could be entirely new material, developed to meet your unique needs and situation. It all depends on what we need to achieve your outcomes.

Before we begin the design of any programme, we place vital importance on understanding our clients’ business objectives, environment and resources, including frameworks, systems and tools. We call this process “Discovery”, and the insights we gain during this stage are used to tailor our approach and training solution.

In our experience, training programmes achieve the best results for clients when they:

  • Connect directly to and reflect the specific needs, challenges and opportunities the business and its people are facing
  • Have content and context that links to those specific environmental factors
  • Engages the participants during the entire learning process
  • Enables new and more effective behaviours to be applied in a consistent and sustained manner

By spending the time to determine the outcomes that are most important to your people and your business, and using this knowledge to create a tailored training solution to achieve those desired outcomes, David Forman can maximise the return on investment you’ll achieve from the programme.

Read our Case Studies to find out more about some of the recent issues we have worked with clients to solve.

If you’d like to talk to us about your tailored training needs, email us at neverstop@davidforman.co.nz and give us some details, and we’ll give you a call to discuss.