Survey highlights need for more relevant business training
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  • 15 Sep 2012

The recent Colmar Brunton-David Forman Business Training Survey found that only 28% of New Zealanders felt that they received work training which is linked to their career development and goals. And only half felt that the training helped them be more effective in their roles.

Scary figures when the training budget for many is so tight right now and training is often seen as a discretionary spend that feels like a luxury. But when it’s obvious that the training dollar could be spent better in New Zealand, how do you decide what to spend your training dollar on?

Begin by starting with what your end in mind is: what do you want your team to help you achieve? What are your high performers doing that you need more of? What do you want your people to be doing differently from what they’re doing now?

Once you do commit to training, sending someone on a ‘course’ isn’t enough. You need to take responsibility for ensuring that your money spent is implemented back at work by being actively involved in supporting skills transfer back on the job in order to create long-term behaviour change.

It is important not to under estimate the value that the right training can add to the future success of your business.

And for those of you who may be thinking “what if I train them and they leave?” Here’s the thing, what if you don’t train them and they stay?

Colmar Brunton-David Forman Business Training Survey, May 2012

  • Only 28% of New Zealanders think they receive training which is linked to their career development and goals
  • Only 50% think the training helps them to be more effective in their role
  • While 50% received technical skill development training in the past year, only 17% received training in customer service in the past year and only 12% in sales skills
  • 33% of people wanted more training