Selling via phone is a different challenge to face-to-face. Without the luxury of eyeballing your customer, you still need to follow a customer-centric process but do so quickly and concisely – and it’s not easy!

In today’s time-poor world, it’s not always possible to get face-to-face with your customers. And it can be expensive for your business to get in front of customers and prospects. So learning the skills of interacting primarily via phone and email is vital to increase the volume of contacts, without dramatically impacting the returns.

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By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

Understand the key differences between phone & F2F

Improve conversation openings to lay the platform

Have a greater ability to build connections over the phone

Use concise questioning to quickly establish your customers’ needs

Ensure your email communications are clear and action orientated

Improve your skills in gaining commitment quickly

Increase your confidence to apply these skills consistently to improve performance and results!

What participants say about our workshops

Phone Selling

What’s involved

Pre-workshop preparation activities

Experiential 1-day workshop

Toolkit for on-the-job application and embedding

Post-workshop Application Project to implement your skills in your real world!

Contents include

Key differences in phone vs F2F selling

Buyers Cycle of Motivation – the process customers work through when they make buying decisions

Defining clear sales call objectives

The DRIVE Selling Model – using a proven, customer-centric sales approach in a phone / email environment

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