David Forman is the leading independently-owned provider of successful sales & leadership effectiveness training for Australasia. For more than 40 years we have helped individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and companies to excel.

Behaviour change

At David Forman, we believe that training that doesn’t result in improved behaviours in the workplace is a waste of time and money!

Our sales and leadership effectiveness training programmes are designed to help participants while challenging them to come to their own learnings, allowing them to take ownership of their own development. This builds competence and confidence, which is essential for transformational change to take place.

We see the key to long term sustainable behaviour change as a process that is created in partnership with our clients. We aim to offer a solution that draws heavily on our concept of 10% formal training, 20% coaching support and reinforcement, and 70% on the-job. Our client managers are actively involved in supporting skills-transfer and sustainable long-term behaviour change. That’s why our sales and leadership effectiveness training courses consistently result in measurable improvements in behaviour change.

We take a very hands-on approach to learning & development:

  • Pre-workshop exercises to identify participants’ key developmental needs.
  • Modularised and often highly experiential workshops develop both the competence and confidence to apply skills consistently.
  • Participants create action plans as part of the workshop; the commitment is real.
  • Post-workshop activities embed skills into daily behaviours.
  • Assessment of training needs for new and existing staff is on-going.

Here’s how we can work together

We work with you to decide the best development options for you, your team and organisation. Sometimes the diversity of experience in a public programme can deliver exponential benefits. Alternatively, some team training delivered in-house enables us to customise a programme to help overcome your specific challenges and objectives.

Our expertise is in creating the most effective programmes that achieve both individual and organisational improvement in performance and results!