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Regardless of whether you’re a front line, first time or sales leader, we have a range of programmes to help you become a better leader.

And we reckon there’s a few key areas that all leaders need to be good at, like having those tough conversations or running a meeting that everyone wants to be at. We offer these as 4 hour master classes and can tailor them specifically for your environment.

Specifically for sales leaders, our Strategic Sales Leader programme runs over 3 months which includes a 3 day workshop and some post programme coaching. This programme runs reguarly as a public event or we can customise a version for your team of leaders.

Strategic Sales Leader
Lead your team to greater results! Develop your leadership skills and confidence to build and leverage a high performing sales team that delivers on strategy and results.


Coaching & Feedback
Feedback and coaching are essential leadership behaviours when creating a high-performance team. How leaders seek and receive feedback will reflect on the behaviour, and results, of the team.


Courageous Conversations
One of the hardest parts about being a leader is having tough conversations. Learn the skills to confidently have those conversations in an effective way which results in a win: win outcome.


Leading Engaging Meetings
No one wants to sit through another boring meeting with no clear purpose! This 4 hour masterclass will help you develop a meeting that engages all participants and a clear end in mind.


Effective Communication
Communication is a crucial leadership skill. This 4 hour workshop will help you identify the correct way to communicate in different scenarios and how to overcome barriers to communication.


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