Sales Performer

Sales Performer - develop the core skills of buyer focused selling.

  • Nov
    Wed 8:30 AM - Fri 5:00 PM Auckland
    • $2,295.00 excl. GST
  • Jan
    Tue 8:30 AM - Thu 5:00 PM Auckland
    • $2,295.00 excl. GST
    • Earlybird incentive (3 day programme) $1,995.00 excl. GST
  • Feb
    Tue 8:30 AM - Thu 5:00 PM Christchurch
    • $2,295.00 excl. GST
  • Mar
    Tue 8:30 AM - Thu 5:00 PM Auckland
    • $2,295.00 excl. GST
  • Mar
    Tue 8:30 AM - Thu 5:00 PM Wellington
    • $2,295.00 excl. GST


Based on our well known and loved Sales Development programme, this programme is ideal for those new to sales right through to those with extensive sales experience but with little or no formal training.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Use a robust structure to maximise the impact of every sales conversation.
  • Understand buyer psychology and spot where your customer is in the sales process.
  • Shift from product focus to customer focus.
  • Set objectives for and open every sales conversation with impact.
  • Build rapport and connection quickly and easily.
  • Make questions sound conversational to motivate a buyer.
  • Deliver solutions that get a yes.
  • Confidently manage customer expectations.
  • Deal with pushback and objections with ease.
  • Gain customer commitment in a conversational and confident manner.
  • Get more sales at higher margins!


  • 3 days
  • Plus pre- and post-workshop activities and application tools

What participants say about this workshop:

"Life changing experience on how to do things better in my everyday job to help me become a better sales person!" - Territory Manager

"I now have a far better understanding of the total sales process from both the buyers and the seller's view. Tools to better structure and plan. How to be in control of the interview/sales process." - Business Development Manager

"The most valuable takeaway point for me is the cycle of motivation - understanding where the buyer is in the cycle and what actions to take at each step to ensure their buying 'journey' is a positive one. Understanding the buyer's needs and not simply assuming they need the same as my last customer was a valuable lesson for me. Also how to overcome objections and build urgency." - Business Development Executive