We’ve all had those conversations which thinking about gives us butterflies or we lose sleep over. Examples might be with our staff who have stopped performing and who need help getting back on track, or an issue with your manager who is doing something that makes your role difficult.

This experiential 4-hour workshop gives leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead a courageous conversation, which achieves a positive outcome.

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By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

Explain the situations where a courageous conversation may be required.

Identify what stops you from having a courageous conversation.

Examine your mindset around having courageous conversations and how that affects the result you get.

Examine your current approach and the outcomes you achieve.

Describe the benefits of having and the risks of not having a courageous conversation.

Identify the importance of creating a win-win outcome.

Identify techniques for increasing courage and consideration around courageous conversations.

Demonstrate how to use a courageous conversation model.

Create an action plan around key commitments to apply from this session.

What participants say about our workshops

Courageous Conversations

What’s involved

Preparation of personal objectives ahead of the workshop.

4 hour face-to-face experiential workshop.

Development of an action plan so you know how you’ll take your new skills and behaviours back to your role.

An application activity which focuses on a real piece of work, that will benefit you and your organisation. 

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