Ministry of Social Development

David Forman has been privileged to work with groups of unemployed New Zealanders, helping them develop both their confidence and skills to get job-ready. Our motivational programmes, together with the support of Case Managers and Work Brokers from the Ministry of Social Development, have been successful in transitioning participants into meaningful and sustained employment.

By utilising a range of different theories from across all of our training programmes; we provided something that was completely tailored to the challenges of those struggling with unemployment whilst remaining backed by research.

The majority of participants mentioned they saw changes in all aspects of their lives; not just their employment situation and we could not be prouder to have been part of their journeys.

The following are words taken directly from a case manager after conducting a post programme meeting

“The young man before me was on FIRE! Honestly, you have no idea how much he loves it he feels so empowered. Vaughan said he could not wait to get to his next session with them. Vaughan was so inspired that he told me he wants to be part of the business and really loves the way the whole thing is facilitated and presented. I asked Vaughan “what part was your turning point?” and he said the very first session. When I asked “what was it that inspired you?” he said “they spoke about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and for him, it is life changing, He has never had the tools or even knew where to get them.”