Business is buzzing in the B:Hive
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  • 04 Apr 2018

Co-working has long been a trend amongst independent professionals and freelancers, with Harvard Business Review reporting back in 2015 that individuals who belong to a co-working space report levels of thriving over-and-above those who work in regular offices. But what about bigger companies?

Numerous studies on the advantages and benefits of co-working led to many companies trying to emulate co-working spaces, seeking to deliver the flexibility and feeling of community that these spaces provide.

The latest addition to Auckland’s Smales Farm, the B:Hive, bridges the gap.

This state-of-the-art building is a flexible office space for businesses with as little as 1 or as many as 250 employees. Co-working is no longer the realm of the individual; now companies of all sizes can benefit.

The David Forman team was one of the first companies to move into the B:Hive in December last year, and here’s what we’ve learned:

We’re in good company

More and more companies of all sizes are embracing co-working, with a recent CBRE survey showing that 44% of American corporations are already using some type of flexible office solution. Back in 2005 there were only 3 co-working spaces in the world. Now there are estimated to be approximately 37,000.

We’re being true to ourselves

Affirmations and positive reinforcement have long been known to change your mindset – the more you say something, the truer it becomes. Well, imagine telling someone what you do nearly every day of the week. By chatting to our co-workers, we’re regularly explaining what David Forman does, and it’s helping to strengthen our business identity. Which brings us to our next point…

Our network is growing

Networking is often challenging, but it’s a critical part of sales. Being immersed in a natural environment to network makes things a lot easier – chatting to a neighbour and potential client over the coffee machine or over a Friday night drink is much more fun than trying to manufacture networking opportunities where they can often feel awkward.

Already the simple tactic of being neighbourly has led to us being approached by other co-workers who are looking for training solutions; and likewise we’re talking to other companies in the building about our growing tech needs. It’s ‘shopping local’ on a microscopic level!

We’re more motivated

Walking into an uber-cool workspace every morning with no worries about repairs, maintenance or the other tedious tasks that go hand-in-hand with running an office allows us more time to focus on our business. It lets us get on with what we do best – which is the best use of our time – and we’re loving the feeling of achieving more than ever.

Plus, we get a boost to our street cred from being in such a cool, cutting-edge environment.

Free coffee!

‘nuf said. The coffee machine is, frankly, awesome. Oh and free beer and wine on Fridays…


We’re actually saving money – our overheads have reduced by about a third. And we get to work in a high-class workspace in a fabulous location that we could never afford on our own. Yes, our space is smaller, and yes, we have to be smarter about how we work (and less messy!) But as we grow, so will our space – overnight, with no fuss or drama.


Four months on and we can honestly say we made the right decision to join a co-working environment. And with the new financial year just kicking off we’re in good space, literally, to keep achieving our goals.