Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

Sales is like any other discipline – it takes practice and constantly updating and improving our skills. Accelerate your sales results through improved trust with clients, clearly delivering and creating value on each interaction.

The Sales Accelerator programme is ideal for those with 3+ years’ experience who demonstrate a sound understanding of core sales principles and are applying them consistently (or those having completed our Sales Performer programme).

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Have an improved mindset around success in sales
  • Clearly articulate your personal value statement
  • Demonstrate and build trust early with your buyer
  • Overcome advanced sales objections
  • Gain commitment and close, using a conversational approach
  • Focus on winning deals based on value, not price 



  • 1 day
  • Toolkit for back on the job implementation 


What participants say about this workshop:

"The Facilitator delivered practical clear ways to improve challenges that I have come across in sales" Account Manager


"I found the whole training experience very useful. It's often important to take time out to reflect on how your sales process flows as over time parts of the process can be overlooked. This programme allowed me to refresh on the key stages of the sale process and the importance of completing each stage. I now have have an improved energy and focus when approaching sales meetings and feel, through reviewing how I operate and picking up some key tips which I may have not followed historically, I will be more successful personally which can only benefit the business." Senior Product Specialist


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