Sales Performer OnDemand

Sales Performer OnDemand

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    Sales Performer OnDemand

    • $1,295.00 excl. GST

Develop the core skills of customer centric selling, in your own time, at your own pace!

This online programme is ideal for those new to sales right through to those with extensive sales experience but with little or no formal training.

Programme includes:

  • 13 module programme split into 92 bite sized lessons. Allowing for greater flexibility in consumption.
  • A truly modern learning experience that blends digital and traditional avenues seamlessly.
  • Grading and feedback at each step from some of New Zealand’s best sales coaches.
  • Development of an action plan, along with an application project which focuses your new skills back into your role on a real piece of work, that will benefit you and your organisation.
  • Checkpoints with your real world leader to ensure the training is on track and being applied correctly.