The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

Even in the most turbulent times, there are four roles leaders play that are highly predictive of success. We call them essential, because as leaders consciously lead themselves and their teams in alignment with these roles, they lay the foundation for effective leadership.

FranklinCovey spent more than two years learning what organisations and businesses need from their leaders today and in the future. We discovered that these organisations and businesses needed leaders who could:

  • Think BIG and adapt quickly.
  • Translate strategy into meaningful work.
  • Coach people to a higher performance.

The 4 Essential Roles develop leaders who can master these skills consistently, within FranklinCovey’s unique framework that focuses on developing who a leader is as well as what a leader does. 

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Inspire trust within your team
  • Create a shared vision and strategy, and communicate it so powerfully that others join you on your journey
  • Execute strategy, with and through, others using a disciplined approach
  • Develop the leadership potential in others and improve performance through consistent feedback and coaching.



  • 2-day face to face workshop
  • 360 feedback process
  • Implementation Plan
  • On-demand reinforcement modules

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