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Image: A ‘never stop’ attitude

A ‘never stop’ attitude

Rowing is a sport in which hard work is a given; there’s no doubt that it takes extreme levels of physical strength and excellent skills to be successful. But mental toughness & a positive attitude is a big part of it too. NZ champion rower Mahe Drysdale, has been quoted… Read More

New year, no new year’s resolutions

I’m not setting a new year’s resolution this year. I’ve been there before many times and still have the extra 10kgs (and a few more extra ones too) and have never managed more than a few weeks without a wine. Instead I’ve set myself some goals for the year. There’s… Read More

Image: Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice Makes Perfect.

I’ve recently taken up playing squash. Well, it was actually a year ago, but if you watched me play, you would be forgiven for thinking it was only last week I started! A year into the game, I’m so frustrated that I’m not yet challenging Susan Devoy’s records for world… Read More

Image: Growing my Circle of Influence

Growing my Circle of Influence

It’s almost May and I haven’t written a blog post all year. I’ve had great intentions to which is all very well and good but as the saying goes ‘people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions – after all, you may have a heart of gold but… Read More

Image: Great Leaders Create Winning Cultures

Great Leaders Create Winning Cultures

From the moment Beauden Barrett scored that spectacular kick chase try it was a wrap and for the second time in a row our mighty men in black etched their name into the history books as world champions. But let’s take a step back and have a look at what… Read More

Image: Rugby Values in the Business Field

Rugby Values in the Business Field

With the buzz over the 2015 Rugby World Cup hitting its highest point to date with the build up to this weekend’s trans-Tasman clash between two old foes for world rugby’s greatest prize, I began to wonder how the values and principles that playing our beloved game translate into our… Read More

Image: Never Stop Training…like the All Blacks!

Never Stop Training…like the All Blacks!

Just like the All Blacks need to have the best team on the field to win the Rugby World Cup, for your business to be successful, you need to ensure you have the right team, with the right skills and attitude to achieve your goals. The ABs don’t get to be the… Read More

Image: Cutting through the commodity clutter

Cutting through the commodity clutter

Driving home from Fieldays at Mystery Creek last Thursday, it struck me just how many things farmers have to spend their money on. From fertiliser to feed, from polythene to pumps, from tanks to tractors, its endless – a huge amount of ‘stuff’. And with all this stuff, come a huge… Read More

Image: It should never be the customer’s problem

It should never be the customer’s problem

There has been a lot of research conducted on strengthening value chain ties over the years. Clearly, it’s a complex topic with many manifestations depending on the industry, the nature of the product (e.g. low involvement purchase vs. high involvement purchase), the number of ‘like’ or competitor products in the… Read More

Image: Gold Mining

Gold Mining

A few years ago I bought new furnishings and appliances from a large high profile retailer with branches across Australasia. The in-store experience was excellent with the staff taking considerable time to talk me through the various alternatives available. It wasn’t a short buying process. After a few visits and… Read More