Since 1970 David Forman has been a leading provider of business training in Australasia.

Our heritage is in sales development however we are now trusted to design and deliver effective solutions in all areas of sales, customer experience and leadership development.

For over 50 years we have helped individuals and organisations to achieve their goals, and companies to excel. We focus on behaviour change, ensuring that our clients develop new behaviours which get better outcomes and results!

We deliver results – our programmes work!

We feel very strongly that any development programme that doesn’t lead to some new and sustainable behaviours that translate into better performance and better results is a total waste of time, energy and money!

We are customer centric, putting our clients at the heart of everything we do.

We work alongside our clients, understand their business environments, challenges and needs and develop solutions that lead to improved performance and results for both the individuals involved and their organisations.

We are agile – quick to respond and change.

Our positioning statement is ‘never stop’ and that is evident in our ability to respond to client requests, to develop new solutions and to always improve our practices and approaches.

Our Team

We are a high-performing team who challenge each other to be their best and bring out the best in each other, while having great fun.

Our facilitators are highly experienced business professionals with expertise as true ‘learning facilitators’. By this we mean not just capable of teaching or training but helping participants reach their own realisations and make their own learning discoveries.

Garry Fissenden, CEO

Lance Riesterer, General Manager

Kate Smith, Operations Manager

Fonua Maka, Business Support Coordinator

Stuart Sinclair, Master Facilitator

Beth Nyman, Facilitator

Nat Gunn, Facilitator

Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to support individuals and organisations to never stop developing, growing, learning and winning.

We do this through the development and delivery of solutions that result in improved performance and business results.

Our team live the following values:

I Wonder?

Reflect on past successes, and continually plan, innovate, and improve. Is there a better way?

Own it!

Show courage, step up, and take responsibility for the outcome.

...Was Here

Make your mark, and leave your legacy.

Skills Consulting Group

David Forman is a proud partner of Skills Consulting Group, a full-service consultancy specialising in learning & development, workplace wellbeing, and education consulting.

Through the Skills Consulting Group’s network of specialist services and brands, we can work with you to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of your organisation and your people. It is our goal to grow people well. 

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