75% of leads at Field Days lie fallow
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  • 05 Jun 2018

With New Zealand’s largest agricultural show on the horizon it is time to look at the value we derive from these events.

It is hard to believe the statistics but overwhelmingly we are told that between 75% – 90% of leads at trade shows, such as Fieldays, are not followed up. It is hard to believe that much value can be left in the paddock.

Do the maths. 125,000 visitors at Fieldays last year. Let’s say you get interest from 0.5% of those attending. That is 625 leads. That is qualified leads; people who want to hear from you. That you have had a chat with and indicated they are interested in your product or service.

Even if you convert just 10% of these to sales you are going to shift that bottom line. Yet on average 500 of them will never hear from you again.

It is almost worse than never hearing about you at all – having met and engaged with you there is an expectation of that relationship continuing. When it is doesn’t you are on the back foot the next time you meet.

We tend to view any trade show, not just the Field Days as being in some kind of a bubble; what goes at the Field Days stays at the Field Days. Well it shouldn’t. Your one reason to be there is to get qualified leads; which is the start of the sales process. It is your job to do the rest. To find out more check out our e-book on selling at the Field Days for how you can convert more leads to sales and not be part of the statistics.

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