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We know that developing your people is probably the last thing you’re thinking about in times like this. We get it – ensuring our people are safe and feel supported must be our main focus right now. 

However, as we all settle into what lockdown means for us, we’ll be looking for ways to use our time effectively and keep our brains stimulated. Developing your people’s capabilities now is a great way to show that your business is future focused, as well as sending a strong message to your people that you see them as a vital part of bouncing back with a vengeance.

We’ve got a range of ways we can help with that.  Simply call or email – we’d love to support you and your team through these unprecedented times.

In today’s commodity/price driven world, it’s vital to invest in the aspect of your business that provides the greatest point of difference – your people (and if they’re not, they’d better be!).

From those starting out on their sales careers to experienced sales professionals, along with those leading a sales team, we’ve got a solution to help move them all along to the next level and deliver measurable business improvements.

Alongside our proven sales programmes, we also help develop leaders at a range of levels, and help clients deliver great customer experiences across their organisations.

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Develop the core skills & attitudes  of buyer-focused selling through NZ’s best loved sales programme, Sales Performer,  delivered on-demand with live sales coach feedback.

About David Forman

David Forman is a proudly New Zealand owned learning and development company. For 50 years we’ve helped thousands of individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and to excel.

We’ve worked with thousands of organisations across a wide range of industry sectors, from SMEs to large government departments – across New Zealand and Australia (& sometimes beyond!), to grow people to succeed!

We offer a range of proven programmes that are delivered either in a public programme (with people from a range of different organisations and sectors) or in-house for your team, which might involve a solution designed specifically for your organisation. We also offer online delivery options, as well as licensing our material for you to deliver yourself.

Trusted to develop people from the following organisations:

Sales Leak Calculator

Sales leakage. How is it affecting your revenue?

This Sales Leakage tool will help you identify what you might be leaving on the table and give you some insight into the specific gaps in your teams’ skills and approach, and what can be done to maximise your sales opportunities. It’s free to use and the information provided is all kept confidential.

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We’ve got a range of proven programmes that you can attend as an individual or run in-house for your team.

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